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  • Guild Bank

    Automate the accounting of guilds resources. Your guild can request resources when needed, ask for titles and see their hunt stats.        

  • Resource Harvesting

    The #1 in resource collection, gather safely with built in auto recalling and prioritize what you need to grow.    

  • Advanced Reporting

    Get information on your guilds hunt and purchase data. Plus track might, kills and much more! Makes guild management less of a headache so you can have fun instead!

Safety first

Your account is safe with us

Everything is ran and stored locally from your own PC or Server. We never touch your account data. 

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Our prouct comes with extensive documentation and 24hr Guilded Support.   


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The most popular choice

Easy to use  

Lords Bot has been designed with a clean user interface so you can easily configure your account settings and supervise each profile from the account management tab

powerful Automation

Lords Bot allows you to; enable, disable and configure features at your will. 100% customizable settings.      

Priority Support

Join our Guilded server to receive blazing fast support from our staff. You can ask any questions you may have in our #support channel and get the help you need.   

Bot Features

All features are available in both Basic and Full plans.

Auto Research, Building & Talents
Auto Training (Traps & Troops, T5 Included)
Auto Supplying
Auto Shelter / Shielding / Gathering Protection
Auto Mystery Box, VIP Chests, Guild/Admin Quests, Turf Quests & Mall Gifts
Guild Management (Guild Chat, Create/Leave/Join Guild)
Guild Gifts, Sending / Asking Help and Fortune Packets
Auto Guild Bank
Auto Gathering
Auto Monster Hunting
Auto Cargo Ship Trading
Auto Speed-Ups (Building, Research, Training, Healing, Traps, Pacts, Wall)
Auto Labyrinth & Kingdom Tycoon
Auto Join Darknest Rallies
Auto Familiars (Training/Skills/Pact Merging)
Auto Heroes (Hire, Levelling Up, Enhancing & Upgrading)
Auto Hero Stages/Chapters
Auto Colosseum
Inventory Management (Use Items Auto)
Auto Treasure Trove
Auto Skirmish
Auto Guild Fest
Auto Equipment Upgrading / Crafting / Switching
Auto Guild Showdown
All Player Gift Tracking / Statistics
Offline Scheduling
+ Much More


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Monthly price
Purchase Extra Accounts ($7 each, one time fee)
Maximum Purchasable Accounts None Unlimited
Accounts Included 2 5
All Features
Free Product Updates
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Do you have questions?

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Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers

Once you've opened the application, you will be greeted with an account screen. From here, you can register, login and reset your password if you forget it.
At present, we only support any version of Windows from 7.0 to 10.0 (64 Bit Only). You also require the .NET Framework 4.8 which can be downloaded here.
Once you've downloaded our application, simply extra the files from zip file and run LordsMobileBot.exe to get started
As soon as the transaction has been authorised through our payment system, your licence will have the respective time added. For any extra accounts, they will remain permanently bound for the lifetime of your licence, regardless of expiry status.
You can get all the help you need by joining our Guilded Server. Please make an account if necessary. You can ask any questions you may have in our #support channel.

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